With NetApp All-Flash FAS, AmTrust delivers high-quality experiences for its staff and policyholders all of the time.


4,000 hours

Gained in staff productivity per year

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.

A Commitment to Excellence

“Your success is our policy®” is not just a catchy phrase at AmTrust. It is the commitment behind everything the company does. It prioritizes customer service and satisfaction by empowering employees to make every interaction helpful and productive. Equally important, the company continually boosts market share by introducing valuable services to more businesses faster. At the same time, AmTrust is quickly extending its global reach by accelerating time to value for new acquisitions.

Enabling exceptional operations and customer service in such a high-growth environment requires standardizing on leading technology platforms. This is especially true of the company’s Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) for call center agents, developers, QA, and IT staff. Because fast login times and responsive information access are so critical to the business, AmTrust decision makers wanted to preserve performance as acquisitions continued and remote desktop user numbers quickly topped 3,000.

With many of AmTrust’s core workloads already benefitting from an integrated NetApp and Cisco based FlexPod infrastructure, it made sense to move its Remote Desktop Services there as well. To provide extremely low latency for the desktops, NetApp recommended supplementing the company’s six-node NetApp FAS3240 configuration running the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP® operating system with an additional All Flash NetApp FAS2552 two-node cluster supporting the Network File System (NFS).

Since the deployment, latency is now topping out at 1.5 ms during login storms, making it possible for remote desktops to load in one to three seconds—seven times faster than before, on average. This change enables the staff to begin work sooner. The lower latency for RDS sessions has also helped improve application response times, further enhancing overall productivity and elevating customer service to new heights. Instead of fielding calls and troubleshooting performance bottlenecks, help desk and operations staff can now spend more time helping users increase their efficiency.

In addition, with increased headroom and performance, AmTrust is accelerating and getting more value from acquisitions, enabling the company to quickly extend its presence in new regions.

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In less than two decades, AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. has achieved phenomenal growth, going from a small specialty insurer for workers compensation to a publicly traded $4.6 billion global insurance and warranty provider. Integral to the company’s success are its commitment to customer service, product innovation, and ability to serve new markets.

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